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Working at redandblue, you will always have an unlimited freedom to participate in the design process as well as a chance to nurture a direct, open relation to your clients. We encourage our colleagues to keep on improving and training – home and abroad.


Work can be fun, too

From our boardgame club to regular recreational days. Our office is frequently visited by Leppis, a French Bulldog who refuses to get old, as well as two office ferrets. (Yes, you read it right the first time.)

What else? Oh, entering our office, you will be greeted by an enchanting scent of fresh coffee beans too. We grind them ourselves.

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A design agency in the forefront of digital

Redandblue is a jolly and cozy design agency consisting of highly ambitious and hardworking professionals. We are not afraid to sail the ever-changing winds of the digital seas. We want to be the ones who make them.

Our teams consists of designers and programmers who are not afraid of the future. Always curious, we want to tackle the challenges of the tomorrow with an open mind. With this attitude we can offer our clients life-changing services that conquer markets.


Want to fight the Average?
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Are you willing to be part of the digital vanguard? Do you get excited about the idea of designing the services of tomorrow today? Creating experiences that solve the problems our clients – and their users – face daily?

We are always looking for new talents. People who are not afraid to question the status quo, say their craziest ideas out aloud and fearlessly create something new.

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