website renewal

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What was the assignment or problem that was to be solved?

Frame is an expert organization of contemporary art whose mission is to strengthen the status and visibility of Finnish contemporary art, to support international activities and to promote co-operation between field actors in Finland and abroad.

Frame’s online service was outdated and did not meet the needs of the organization anymore. The readability of the sites texts was difficult due to the selected font and the long text blocks. One of the most important tasks of the Frame is communication. Also, information about grants was made more visible. The CMS should be easy to use and facilitate a low threshold for content production.

By what idea or perspective was the assignment approached

On the concept phase we reviewed the most important user groups and their main usage cases on the site. The site was designed for the end users and with the most common use cases in mind. Grant search was displayed in the header and the content that served the most important user groups was displayed at the top of the page. The concept focused on various kinds of news and information content that can be sorted on different topic platforms by subject area. We also built a separate section for the artists and events. The purpose of this section is to make a wide range of artistic factors and events visible.

What is the final implementation like?

The final implementation corresponds to Frame’s renewed look. The site map was made simple and the content easy to find. Visually, the focus was on wide image areas and a harmonious color scheme. The structure of the site is modular, and the templates tend to display a wide range of content. The design of the content types was made so they could appear in any order. The selected body font type Merriweather is easy to read online.

The site has been praised, as information is now easier to find, and calls for grants is easier. The site is also faster than before, and the content production threshold has fallen within the organization.