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Starting point

Quotes are a necessary evil. You have to write quotes, and quotes have to lead to sales, but drawing them up often ends up getting buried under all other work. That’s why entrepreneurs often write quotes during evenings and at weekends.

There are no sensible tools available for drawing up quotes. Often, an entrepreneur opens up an old Word or Excel form and starts to update a quote on an old template. At times, they have to look for previous quotes from which they copy text to the new quote. And as the size of the document increases, there is also more room for human errors. In addition, not all entrepreneurs have a great understanding of jurisdiction and their rights and obligations, which means that sometimes quotes leave the entrepreneur in an unfavourable position.


By monitoring entrepreneurs, we discovered that they’re struggling with drawing up quotes. The idea was to create a software service that will help them write solid quotes quickly.

Duuers Design Sprint
Duuers Design Sprint

redandblue’s role

We decided to start a week-long Design Spring during which we designed the first MVP of the product’s critical functions and tested the product with end users. We created the first functional demo in close collaboration with the client. We noticed that the product had a clear market potential.

After the Sprint, we create a graphic look for the Duuers company and the product as well as finalised the product’s user experience, utilising the principles of agile design. The product is developed further in continuous cooperation.

·       Leading the Design Sprint
·       Concept design
·       Service design
·       Interface design
·       Visual interface
·       User surveys
·       Brand development
·       Graphic look and image concepts
·       Copywriting
How to make quote management simple?

Service’s user experience

We started to develop a product that would revolutionise entrepreneurs’ way of sending and managing quotes. The product was designed to be easy to use with the purpose of making entrepreneurs’ everyday life easier. Several construction industry entrepreneurs were included in the product development. They tested the user experience and helped to develop the product into an even better one.

What did we achieve in eight months?

The results

Together with our client, we created a completely new service from the initial push to the first test version in eight months.

Even before the service existed, more than 30 pieces were sold using only the MVPs.

The first beta version of the product was launched in autumn 2017.

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