Emce 365 – Product design, branding and website design

Starting point

EmCe Solution Partner Ltd is a financial software company providing financial management solutions for its customers in their third decade. EmCe’s products are used by accounting professionals who are responsible for accounting for thousands of Finnish companies.


Emce has decided to develop a new and agile digital product targeted not only on financial administration professionals, but also entrepreneurs themselves.

redandblue’s role

We worked on the project as a service design resource; We created a concept, a user-driven user experience and a visual interface for the service. We helped to market the product by designing a product’s visual appearance, brand crystallization and image concept. The product is further developed in continuous cooperation.

  • Concept design
  • Service design
  • User Interface Design
  • Visual design
  • Usability Tests
  • Brand design
  • Image concept design
  • Copywriting

User experience

Since EmCe has previously produced services for professional use, most of the service terms and concepts have been re-designed so that they are clear and comprehensible to not only the professionals but everyone. In the design phase, we tested both terms and user interface prototypes with end-users to achieve the best user experience.

Since the service is a daily tool, the graphical user interface was created with a dark theme. This will strain the eyes of the user as little as possible.

What EmCe 365 really is?

Emce 365 – Open a new chapter in financial management.

The EmCe 365 is an agile and easy-to-use finance management service that brings all the tools you need to one place. It automates processes, which clearly saves the accounting office time clearly. For entrepreneurs, the EmCe 365 cloud service offers a new and more streamlined financial management service experience – whenever and wherever they need it. It provides a completely new, user-friendly agile management experience for accountancy, business and entrepreneurship.

What happens next?


The beta version of the service will be released in 2017.

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