Laiho Group – brand renewal, website renewal and a new image concept

redandblue was responsible for the brand renewal of electrical contractor Laiho Group. We designed the group’s new visual identity and WordPress website. We were responsible for the group’s image concept and photography and we also wrote the text content of the website.

At the start of the project, we crystallised together with the client the group’s communications strategy and created a visual identity that reflects the new strategy. The visual identity makes Laiho’s communications more uniform and promotes achieving the company’s goals with its recognisability.

Laiho Group brings electricity to both public projects and the homes of private people. The group offers modern solutions for the electrification needs of new construction and renovation with more than one hundred electricity professionals. Laiho Group consists of three companies: Suomen Sähköhuolto Oy serves in Helsinki, Sähkö Lehmus Oy in Turku and Laihon Sähkö Oy in the Salo region.

Laiho Group’s values include trust and working together, which means encountering each customer as an individual, transparent processes and optimal results. Laiho’s companies always cooperate in order to have the best possible people for each project.

Laiho Group’s brand work started from the desire to bring all the three Laiho companies together under one name and one visual identity. We mapped the group’s vision, mission and values and defined the goals. Based on the brand work, we designed one uniform visual identity for Laiho Group. The client’s desire was to keep the colour combination of grey and red from the old identity, otherwise we had carte blanche when it came to the visual aspect of the project.


We renewed everything in the Laiho identity from business cards to vans and from brand images to rolls of tape. For the new visual identity, we organised a photo shoot at one of Laiho Group’s sites where we photographed the personnel, tools and ways of working as well as the environment. We also shot video material at the site using a drone for the website’s front page.

In addition, we designed and executed one uniform website for Laiho Group instead of the previous system consisting of several separate websites. It’s easy to find information on Laiho’s areas of expertise and the services of the different companies in the group from the website. Contacting Laiho Group is easy through the online form, and they can also report vacancies and topical events on their website.

The new brand and visual identity were well received and put to use immediately. Suomen Sähköhuolto, Sähkö Lehmus and Laihon Sähkö are now Laiho Group with one recognisable look and logo even if the old names are still used in some connections to separate the locations from each other.

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