Renewing Kone Foundation’s online services

Starting point and brief

Kone Foundation’s website was initially built using a WordPress platform, and it included plenty of content. However, the website had challenges with the findability and usability of the content. The structure of the website needed to be streamlined and the massive amount of content categorised and reorganised into logical entities. A partner was also sought after for the website’s server solution and administration.


Kone Foundation’s website renewal was carried out over the old site so that the existing contents were maintained in the WordPress administration. The structure and site map of the website were reconceptualised into a more user-oriented direction in several workshops in collaboration with the client. The new main level site templates were created to clear the website’s structure that was previously experienced as challenging. As the website menu was used, it was also made accessible.

The existing article and custom post type content was categorised, classified and marked with new keywords. Different types of content viewing methods and dynamic filters were built for article content as part of the new site templates.

The old event calendar was clarified and it was transformed into a modular part of different templates, which enables showing the calendar only when necessary. Most of the old templates were deleted, fonts and UI elements were streamlined and the unnecessary functionalities were erased.

In the renovation, the transformed website received a user-oriented content concept, a faster and more secure server environment and measurably more length in its life cycle. Simultaneously, the website was transferred to redandblue’s administration and further development.

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