Ruosniemi Brewery’s brand renewal

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Ruosniemi Brewery – Beer from the land of thousand engineers

Ruosniemi Brewery is a microbrewery established in 2011 that makes the most engineered beer in the city of Pori. The products are named after different professions, and each product has its own particular character. The brewery has its own strong voice that is reflected in product descriptions and the company’s introduction texts. Many of the brewery’s beers have been awarded in Finland and abroad, and the brewery has a clear following.


The Ruosniemi Brewery wants to renew its brand in order to better stand out from the masses and reach a wider target audience. The brewery wants to take Finnish drinking culture forward and educate people to drink better. In the future, they also want to export beer, create even better drinks and act as the mouthpiece of drinking culture while setting an example for others.

Redandblue’s role

In the project, we organised brand workshops based on which we designed a new visual identity for the brewery. In addition to the identity, we renewed the drinks’ labels and the website as well as created posters and products cards as well as several other applications.

In the renewal, we decided to hold on to the things that were strong in the old brand but also strengthen them and bring forth new ideas alongside them. Reliability, doing good and being rational are the values of Ruosniemi Brewery and they are reflected in the new visual identity.

In its operations, Ruosniemi Brewery wants to be innovative and question the usual ways of working of the industry. The brand also aims at taking the company towards a more playful and friendly direction.

Product labels

The old labels of the beers featured the same character dubbed as ‘Ruosmarkku’ whose appearance had slight changes to it depending on the beer. The coder had headphones on, the worker a hat, etc. The client wanted to keep the characters in the new labels but make them clearly distinctive. In the end, we decided to use real people as models and representatives of their profession in order to have true background stories for the characters of the beers.

The new product labels boast courageous compositions. In the front, the customer is greeted by only the character’s face and a compelling look, and all of the information is placed on the label’s right and left edges using graph paper. Clarity, precision and engineer-like qualities were the things we wanted to communicate through the label.

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