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Starting point

Vegan Challenge is a campaign which aims to make trying out a vegan diet as easy as possible. The campaign focuses on delicious food and recipes. The Vegan Challenge was organised for the first time in 2014, and more than 30,000 people have participated over the years.


Our job was to design a visual identity, tone of voice and street advertisements for the 2018 Vegan Challenge campaign. The objective was to increase the recognition of the Vegan Challenge and improve the image of veganism. The design materials included

  • Abribus advertisements in the largest cities in Finland
  • A fair stand at a square in the Kamppi Shopping Centre
  • Giveaway products for fairs
  • T-shirts and hoodies


We wanted to make vegan food casual and normal. The visual identity we created was approachable, perky and playful. The visual identity was based on the previous colours of the Vegan Challenge, orange and purple, and we kept the old logo. The central elements of the look are a strong typography as well as happy and playful illustrated foods.

The result

You could see the posters along streets in the largest Finnish cities. The posters received plenty of attention and the challenge texts paid off: We caught the attention of Erika Vikman who was challenged in the advertisements and it led her to join the vegan challenge campaign for a month.

The photography wall we created for fairs attracted a large audience and, for instance, the Green Party politician Emma Kari shared her own snapshot on Instagram.

During the first week, the street advertisements increased the number of followers on social media by almost 1,800. This made the vegan challenge the party with the second most new followers on the week of the launch. Finally, at the end of March, the challenge had already 12,000 participants, which is almost double compared to the previous years. The objective was to get 8,000 participants, so the campaign clearly surpassed all expectations.

12,000 participants

Almost 1,800 new followers during the first week

The second most risen brand on social media during the first week

Statistics from brandsome.fi