Why WordPress?

WordPress has grown up. The content management system originally conceived as a blog platform is now the engine behind the sites of large newspapers and corporations.  With its 25 % market share, WordPress is by far the most popular publishing platform at the moment, and its e-commerce platform, WooCommerce, is utilized by every third online shop. What makes WordPress so popular?

Active development

Due to its position on the market, WordPress develops rapidly. The publishing platform and plugins are being developed by hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide.

WordPress community has created thousands of plugins that enable features – such as online forums, e-commerce functionalities and editable forms – to be created in a very cost-efficient way.


WordPress is an non-commercially licensed content management system. Some plugins cost something around some ten euros a month, and the maintenance service costs about the same. However, it is still far from the thousands of euros of introduction costs of some systems.

Wide support

Since WordPress is popular, it is also widely supported. There are hundreds of WordPress developers in Finland alone, so the continuing development of the site is vendor-independent.

A modern platform

The WordPress platform is modern and intelligent The future of the technology looks good, so it is ensured that it will continue to be developed in the following years, while old technologies such as Joomla will fall by the wayside.
The most easy-to-use system
Using the content management system is as easy as writing an email.

Search engine friendly

The content management system has been built with search engine friendliness in mind. Pages creates with WordPress index excellently with Google.


WordPress is cost-efficient – the setting up of sites is fast and agile when compared for example to sites using Drupal or EpiServer.


WordPress is constantly developed, which maintains the security of the platform. Good server solutions, community-recommended plugins and light service contracts help keep WordPress sites secure.
We chose WordPress for the above reasons, and because WordPress enables completely customizable solutions. The starting point of each and every project is the needs of the client and the target group, and not for example the possibilities of the content management system or the theme. WordPress is the best tool both from the designer and the client viewpoint.

Here are a couple of examples of massive websites implemented with WordPress:

Sony Music
Angry Birds


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